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Christmas Performers Workshops
Perfecting Your Craft

This is where the "rubber meets the road," where Santa learns his craft or polishes it to the clarity of a crystal ornament. From many counselors comes great wisdom, so let's start learning from one another.

Our Christmas Community is made up of people with immense talents and vast experiences and so the workshops for the ISC 2018 are being planned to take advantage of these. Because of this, we are designing our workshops to take leverage the talents and experiences by creating inter-active experiences in many of the settings. For some of our workshop sessions we expect to us (or will be using) a roundtable format, which will allow you opportunity to share ideas and experiences on a variety of subjects and issues, and benefit from the expertise of the discussion moderators. Others will be "instructional" in format, with Q&A. All-in-all, a variety of formats and presentation methods will be provided so that you can get the most out of each class. Many of the sessions will also be taped so that the Education Committee can review and post some of the sessions in the IBRBS member's portal so that if you miss a session during the event, you will have a chance to review it at a later date. Keep in mind, experiencing these classes first hand is the best way to learn from these very talented teachers.

There will be five one-hour workshops offered twice each morning and again twice in the afternoon each day, for a total of 20 per day and 40 workshops over two days, Friday and Saturday! Time slots are detailed below.

Time structure
Morning classes:
Workshop group 1: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Break: 15 minutes
Workshop group 2: 11: AM - 12:00 PM

Afternoon classes:
Workshop group 3: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Break: 15 minutes
Workshop group 4: 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Small group discussion

Workshop Names

NOTE, Some of these classes will be repeated; so stay tuned as we update this page.

  • Santa 101 - Diversity in the Santa Community: Panel
    Awareness of the challenges of not fitting into the traditional definition of Santa, and ways members have successfully overcome obstacles.

  • The Santa Journey: Panel
    An honest look at the challenges those new to the Christmas industry can face.

  • Santa 101 - Instructors Discussion Group: Panel
    Gathering together the different philosophies of teaching Christmas performers.

  • Santa 101 - Agents & Gig Placement Companies: Panel
    What to expect when working with Agents and Gig Placement Companies. What to expect when working with Photo and Mall companies. What are your rights and responsibilities? How to best use them to build your business.

  • Santa 101 - Marketing: Panel
    How to use Social Media and other forms of marketing to market yourself. Finding and keeping clients.

  • Journey Back in Time with St. Nick: Lecture
    This workshop will be offered twice!
    A walk through the history of Saint Nicholas in storyteller fashion.

  • Ethics of Being a Christmas Performer: Panel
    What are the ethical constraints of being Santa? Dealing with clients, the public, & other members of the Christmas Community with a proper heart.

  • Creative Aspects of Christmas Performers: Lecture
    Using props and magic to enhance your performance value.

  • Rock Solid Santa: Lecture
    The art and science of being a Marathon Performer with extended days and an elongated season. How do you prepare mentally, physically, and logistically for the long haul?

  • The Art of Costuming: Panel
    Vendors, Tailors, & Seamstress' discuss the art of costuming.

  • Legal Issues: Lecture
    Insurance, Contracts, & Photo Releases

  • The Art of Performing: Lecture
    This workshop will be offered twice!
    Learn skills to become a great Christmas performer with such skills as storytelling, singing, improv, and more. Learn to hone such skills as using your voice, physicality, and research to really enhance your performance.

  • Specializing in Special Needs Children: Panel
    Learn some of the nuances of meeting the specific needs of Special Needs children.

  • Lights, Camera, Action!: Lecture
    The technology for performing. Learn the use of available technology (such as sound systems) in your Santa Performance.

  • Thinking Like a Child: Lecture
    Ways to expand your thought process to gain perspective from a child's point of view.

  • Taxes & Finance: Panel
    How to make the most money out of making your money.

  • Basics for ASL Christmas: Lecture
    Learn some basic signs to open communication with hearing impaired kids.

  • ISC’s World Santas’ Perspective: Panel
    Come learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world from the perspective of real-world Santas' who've made it to the ISC.

  • Children’s Hospitals & Santa’s Wellness: Panel
    Learn ways to stay healthy while dealing with germ exposure and in general. Learn the expectations when performing in hospitals and care facilities.

  • Puppetry: Panel
    Learn some of the basics for using puppets as part of your Christmas entertaining.

  • Magical Props: Lecture
    From smart Santa props to magic, learn how to use music & Blue Tooth technology, Tablets, and more! to enhance your performances.

  • Religion & Spirituality in the Christmas Community: Panel
    Balancing the spiritual and secular sides of Christmas performing. Learn to find balance and share the ideals of Christmas regardless of personal diverse backgrounds.

  • Hard Truths: Panel
    Learn ways we can deal with crisis, social media, bad actors, scary-Santas (and much more!) in our community. Learn to network and resource with each other.

  • The Art of Balloon Tying: Panel
    Learn how to add balloon tying to your tool chest and add value to your performances.

  • Reindeer 101: Lecture
    This workshop will be offered twice!
    Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about Santa's reindeer and their care. Bring your camera because we will have LIVE reindeer for photo ops!

  • As White as the Snow: Panel
    Learn the basics of Beard Care and whitening. Is hair-care different for men? Find the best products to keep a RBS white and healthy. Learn tips on the best TBS applications.

  • What’s in a Face?: Panel
    How to use makeup to enhance your character and keep you looking your best (and not shiny) on camera. Whether you're looking for a healthy glow, something glamorous, or in need of full theatrical, we'll have experts here ready to share their secret tips with you.

  • Social Media Marketing 101: Panel
    Learn the basics of using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to set-up and grow your business. Get plenty of "how-to's" and learn about important etiquette in general and specific for Christmas performers.

  • Manager/Handler Skills: Lecture
    The value in a personal assistant to help keep you organized. Learn how to cross-coordinate your calendar & paperwork. Learn what to expect from your manager/handler and some tips on how to do it yourself (if you insist).

  • Performer’s Agenda - Respect for the Various Roles: Panel
    How to keep all performers on a set coordinated. Planning to be sure expectations are met and everyone's telling the same back-story. Tips to assure respect for all involved.

  • Unique Endeavors: Panel
    What are some of the unique ways to get your foot in the door? What are some things you need to know about working on trains, planes, helicopters? What are the challenges of being a skiing Santa or Motorcycle Santa? Come to this workshop to learn more!

  • Your Character on the Inside: Lecture
    Bring your pen and plan to WORK in this interactive class designed to help you develop your back-story. Learn to tap into the life experiences, values, and inner qualities to best portray YOUR character. Design your North Pole resume and learn tips to communicate when working with someone else.

  • Marketing Yourself as the Mrs.: Panel
    As the role of Mrs. Claus evolves in the Christmas Community, you may find yourself doing solo performances without your Mr. Learn how to market yourself as a solo act and a bit on the practicum such as pricing and contracts.

  • The Art of Accessorizing: Panel
    Are you looking good? Or looking GREAT? Learn how to cater to the venue/occasion in your wardrobe while still integrating your personal style. Get ideas for on and off season.

  • The Camera: Panel
    Is the camera your friend? Or public enemy #1? Learn tips to be aware that you are ALWAYS on "film". Learn tips to protect yourself from bad shots and frivolous lawsuits. Learn tips from photographers. Also get tips on your OWN photo shoot and working with posting video on social media. Maybe add a bit on touch-ups/GIMP.

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