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There are five levels of sponsorship for the IBRBS' 2018 International Santa Celebration. Starting with a base Sponsorship in the Gold Category, and going up to official Santa Clause Level (host) Sponsor. Each category has benefits for the sponsor who wishes to support the Convention. And, as you may have noticed, the top three levels are on every page. For more details on each level of sponsorship and to apply, please eMail Santa Santa Tom Carmody.

ISC 2018 will be a life changing experience for many this year. ISC expects to reach out to hundreds of Santas, Mrs. Claus', elfs, and many others with the spirit of Christmas within them. We will be training many current Christmas performers, while also reaching out to the next generation. We will have world class vendors to whet the interest of our visitors; and many an events or workshops (to which you can be a sponsor) to keep them growing and glowing with the Christmas spirit. So there is a plethora of opportunities to support and be seen during the ISC 2018. Especially with the evolution of Social Media.

Every Sponsor will have the opportunity to be a part of this special convention and Major Sponsors will have the additional benefit of expanded branding by hosting special segments of the Convention Interested Sponsors or Marketing and Promotional agencies are welcome to call or contact us.

To be a sponsor or if you have additional questions, please eMail Santa Santa Tom Carmody.

Events to be sponsored:
  • Vendors Showcase
  • The Ladies of Christmas Reception
  • Golf Tournament
  • Sleigh Show
  • Transportation
  • Banquet
  • Photography
  • Workshops
  • Hospitality Room.

Santa Level Sponsosrs Santa Claus Level Sponsors

Santa needs all the help he can get packing his bag on Christmas eve.

Sponsorship begins at $10,000 this is the Santa Level, and therefore the premiere sponsorship position, with Naming Rights to the entire convention: “International Santa Celebration 2018 sponsored by "Your Name.”

As the Official Host, the $10,000 sponsor will participate in all convention media events and be featured in signage, promotional materials, advertising, and media releases. Included will be special recognition at convention events and major functions with opportunities for the sponsor spokesperson, mascot/s, etc. to be recognized at the opening and closing ceremonies, Santa Claus Hall of Fame Induction Event, Celebration Dinner and Entertainment, be an official sponsor for a Breakout Meeting and an Activity, as well as being able to provide "stocking stuffers" for convention bags to be handed out to every registered attendee.

Santa Level Sponsosrs Cherry Hill Programs
Becky Gilstrap
Telephone: (303) 968-0622
Please talk to Ruby Wright or Dianne Plover for additional information

Cherry Hill Programs is a market leader in turn-key digital imaging events. Delivering the best-in-class Santa and Easter Bunny programs, as well as destination events at nearly 300 shopping centers, resorts and retail locations annually. Cherry Hill Programs creates magic, inspires smiles and captures memories for 5 million family members across the United States. Cherry Hill Programs mission is to deliver remarkable and memorable experiences to our guests through innovative marketing platforms.

Mrs. CLaus Level Sponsosrs Mrs. Claus Level Sponsors

Mrs. Claus has friends in high places to help her as Santa's best partner, are you ready to help?

$5,000 - Mrs. Claus sponsorships available. You'll be a sponsor for the Vendors Showcase and the Ladies of Christmas Reception. These are very high profile events for the International Santa Celebration, and you will have your name advertised at both events, and banners displayed with your company name and logo. You will be a featured sponsor throughout the advertising campaign, with a prominent placement in The Celebration Commemorative Program. You will also be a featured sponsor of ten (10) of the workshop sessions, with your name and logo on all advertising surrounding those workshops.

Elf Level Sponsosrs Elf Level Sponsors

Without the elves, who would make the toys?!?!?!

$2,500 – Elf level sponsorships are available. You will be the major sponsor for the International Santa Major Golf Tournament and a "Hospitality Room." You will have your name advertised at both events and banners displayed with your company logo. These are high profile events of the International Santa Celebration. In addition, you will be advertised as the sponsors of five (5) of the workshop sessions, and you will have a 1/2 page ad in The Celebration Commemorative Program. Your company name and logo will be placed on all advertising surrounding this event.

Elf Level Sponsosrs WorldWide Photography
Kristi Cooper
Santa Hotline: 216.600.4504

WorldWide Photography (WWP) has devoted decades to being a part of countless memories and unending smiles. It is our ultimate mission to ensure that every child and guest who comes to visit one of our holiday photo sets, leaves with a memory filled with the wonderment and excitement only Santa can bring. We feel that it is our privilege and obligation to provide the best possible image and a magical experience for all of our guests!

Sliegh Level Sponsosrs Sleigh Level Sponsors

Santa and company are benevolent, however, they need someone to pack the sleigh full of goodies for the "little" girls and boys. Can you help by being a Sleigh level sponsor?

$1,000 – As a Sleigh Sponsor you have the opportunity to sponsor an activity. We would like to offer you the Sponsorship of the Santa Sleigh Show to be staged on Thursday, April 19th. We agree to furnish you a 2' X 4" banner to be displayed appropriately, advertising you as the sponsor. You will also have a ¼ page ad in The Celebration Commemorative Program, which will include your logo. also

Sliegh Level Sponsosrs Sliegh Level Sponsosrs The Santa Project - Serving Denver's at Risk

Santa Brad Martin is the caretaker and creator of this marvelous offering of charity, compassion, and self sacrifice for those in need.

We proudly serve the Greater Denver At Risk Community providing clothing, bedding, food, and toys, and we support the IBRBS ISC 2018 with sponsorship of the audio-visual services.

If you wish to help support this cause you can contact Brad at 720-859-2233.

Sliegh Level SponsosrsLone Star Santas
Lone Star Santas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of men and women who live in or work in Texas, and portray Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves and helpers. Santas can be either real bearded or designer bearded because it is what is in our hearts that matters. We believe in the Santa Claus Oath.

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Evergreen Level Sponsors

Okay, let's be honest, who doesn't love the sight and smells from an Evergreen?

$500.00 – Evergreen level sponsors will be an official sponsor for the Breakout Meetings, as well as being able to provide "stocking stuffers" for convention bags to be handed out to every participant. You will also have a ¼ page ad in The Celebration Commemorative Program, which will also include your logo.

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Costumes for Santa
Costumes for Santa specializes in Christmas Costumes for all occasions. We supply professional Santa suits, Elf outfits, Mrs. Claus costumes, as well as Santa boots, Santa beards, and other Christmas accessories. We stock Santa Suits to fit every budget and Santa size! Give our elves a call and they will help you find the perfect Santa outfit. Every Santa costume and Christmas accessory on our web site is available in our warehouse for immediate shipment.

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Planetsanta
Where Santa really buys his clothes (don't tell Mrs. Claus!).

Planetsanta was established in 1997 as an extension of several large manufacturing and retail costume companies which had been established in 1876 to 1943.

The owners of those companies saw a change in the way that consumers were buying their Santa suits and accessories. They decided to start a new company to meet those new types of needs and to better meet the rapid paced internet environment.

Planetsanta is involved in creating some very unique items for the Christmas and costume industries. The enormous stock that is maintained is really hard to imagine. For example, Planetsanta is one of the largest producers of Santa wigs and beards, as well as Santa boots in the USA! Planetsanta works with several factories to produce unique costumes, and quality Santa Claus products.

If you are buying from Planetsanta, you can be assured that you are working with one of the largest and well known Santa retailers in the world!

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs SatBobs Santa School

Since its inaugural year (2014), Santa Gordon’s SATBOBS Santa School has been a rousing success. Now in the midst of his fourth year and to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing count of those who seek to be professional Santas or those that seek to hone their skills, SATBOBS Santa Schools has added four trained, independently franchised instructors to cover Canada to Arizona and New York to Florida.

Our SATBOBS school is broken into three sections:

1) The History of the Character we portray and the difference between St Nicholas vs. Santa (very different characters with vastly different backgrounds).
2) The business side of being an “Independent Contractor Entertainer” and the related practical considerations in operating a business whether for profit or for charity.
3) Practical information on performance and appearance.

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Nationwide Santas

Nationwide Santas is a Full Service SANTA CLAUS Company providing Year-Round Entertainment to our many clients. Photo Shoots, Commercials, Corporate Events, Malls, Store Locations, Charity Events, Children’s Hospitals, Weddings, New Years Eve and of course Private Home Celebrations, just to name a few. We also provide Performer Insurance and Background Checks.

We are hiring Beautiful, Talented, Charismatic, & Charming Santas and Mrs Claus’ to be place at various job sites. If you have one or all of these qualities, we would love to hear from you.

We promise to treat you with respect, laugh at your jokes, send you a contract with all info pertaining to your job and we pay on time!! Just ask anyone who has worked for Nationwide Santas.

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Kaercher Insurance

We understand your business and as such we provide insurance solutions to meet your needs. Kaercher Insurance offers risk management and innovative solutions that transcends simply buying insurance.

Kaercher Insurance's mission is to provide more than great service--it is knowing the right questions and having the right answers. Our brokers are industry specialists and provide the options you need to make informed decisions.

What Makes Kaercher Different
At Kaercher Insurance we take a pro-active approach to the management and servicing of your account with tailor-made programs shaped to your needs, pre-implementation services, we have the skill and knowledge to develop innovative new products to address wrap-up issues and exposures as they arise, and in-house Wrap-up professionals acting as your committed advocates. Kaercher Insurance is able to provide sophisticated products and service unparalleled in the insurance industry.

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Ladies of Christmas

Ladies of Christmas Celebrate the spirit of Christmas from a lady's point of view.

We are a Facebook group, with over 200 members, that is about all things Christmas (and maybe a bit more, out of season). Please, no politics, controversial topics, or personal snipes. We expect you to be respectful – the ladies we know you are!

The group is about sharing all things that make all the Ladies of Christmas special. We accept membership applications by females of many types: Mrs. Clauses, spouses of Santas (like myself, wife of Fabled Santa) or partners of Mrs. Clauses, elves, and maybe even Christmas crafters. If you wonder if you are eligible, simply ask.

We've formed the group so we may freely enjoy our Christmas sisterhood without a long set silly rules or personal promotion. Let's simply have fun!

Evergreen Level Sponsosrs Professional Santa Claus School LLC.

Professional Santa Claus School LLC.
Since 1983, we have provided comprehensive education and training, courses, classes and conferences, unique Santa accessories and supplies, and been committed for 35 years, to seriously supporting, mentoring and nurturing over 2100 top rate Professional Santas and Mrs. Clauses to success in their amazing careers!

Through our educational programs, we have successfully assisted Santas with no previous experience as well as boosted careers of longtime veteran Santas looking to refresh, renew and skyrocket their businesses with great new ideas, concepts and information not available elsewhere!

Also, Join the ranks of Santas earning extra seasonal income by mastering the technology of being an ONLINE Santa!