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About Us - IBRBS

Our Vision: To be the Preeminent Santa Community in the World

Our Mission: To keep Christmas magic in the hearts of children of all ages by creating an international Christmas community

Our Tenets:
  • We uphold the magical spirit and meaning of Christmas.
  • We promote the joy of giving.
  • We respect the diversity of Christmas traditions throughout the world.
  • We uphold the positive image of Christmas performers.
  • We are aware of the impact and effect of our appearance at all times.
  • We support the principles embodied in the Santa Claus Oath, the Mrs. Claus Pledge, and the Elves' Oath.
  • We foster good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community.
  • We encourage members to participate in charitable and volunteer activities in their communities.
  • We promote a safe environment for all.


To learn more about us, visit our website: IBRBS ( IBrotherhood of Real Bearded Santas).