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The Celebration Is Over. We Look Forward to Seeing You in 2020

It is time to start a new celebration and remember why we are Santa or Mrs. Claus or a Christmas spirit (like an elf) and how to become better. Join the IBRBS and the sponsoring chapter: Rocky Mountain IBRBS, along with our dear Mrs. Claus, and all Christmas performers that have the spirit of Christmas within. Everyone with the spirit of Christmas in them is invited to come (no you do not need to be an IBRBS member). So, come one, come all, this will be a great celebration, one to be remembered, so we hope that you'll join us in Denver Colorado, April 2018, for a great time of fellowship, memory making, and growth experience.

Follow these steps to maximize your time and memories during your stay:

1. Register Today

Registration is Closed
Thank you for the wonderful response. See you all very soon!

Please send us your Meal Selections, ASAP.

Download the Meal PDF, fill it out for yourself (and partner if applicable), save it to your computer (change the file name to include your name) and email it back to us: eMail Meal Selection. If you don't send this to us before April 15th (Sunday) or we'll have to make the meal choices for you (we don't want that). If you have already sent it in, thank you.

MEAL PDF After you fill this out, save/download it to you computer, and send the saved file back to us: eMail Meal Selection.

2. Book Your Hotel Room

Omni Interlocken Hotel ($109 Room Rate) CLOSED

UPDATE ($109 rate CLOSED); Omni Interlocken Hotel: You can still book at normal hotel rates.

For those of  you that are needing accommodations your rooms at the Omni's partner hotel, the Renaissance. Here is the link: The Renaissance

3. Make Your Travel Arrangements

Santa is well-traveled, going all around the world! He and his Christmas partners need a world-class agent to set up his visit to Colorado for our special gathering! Make your travel arrangements now, whether you're Santa, Mrs. Claus, and elf, or Christmas Spirit.

Talk to Annette Colburn @ Must Love Travel and get your "flight" plans in order. Oh, did you also want to make some other arrangements while vacationing to or from Colorado? Annette can help you with that as well.

4. Plan...

As you can see by the headings, we will have all sorts of training and activities ready for you!

Santa Hall of Fame Bage Knights of St. Nicolas

Celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the Santa Claus Oath
followed by
The Santa Claus Hall of Fame Inductions
followed by
Knights of St Nicholas Knighting Ceremony

Friday April 20, 2018
8:00 PM to 10:00 PM